37 week bumpdate

Ladies and gents…we officially have a full-term baby on our hands! I swear that on the one hand, I feel like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. On the other hand, while people warned me that the last few weeks are the longest, I don’t think I really knew, or took to heart, what that actually meant until the last few days. I’m so, so ready to hold this baby in my arms. Am I ready for nighttime feedings, losing my lady bits for a while and becoming a regular dairy farm? Probably not, but that’s all part of the adventure…right?!

How far along: 35 weeks 

Gender: We’re not finding out!

Weight gain: 19 lbs. I can’t even eat, so I can only assume that nugget is packing on the pounds.

Maternity clothes: HA. Maternity clothes all the time, and I wear pajamas if I’m not leaving the house. I’ve become that person.

Stretch marks: None. Coconut oil has been a lifesaver.

Belly button in or out: It’s in, but it looks ready to pop.

Sleep: When I can sleep, I sleep like the dead. I wake up at least 4 times a night to use the bathroom though, and lately I’ve found myself waking up around 3 and not being able to fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Hitting full-term today! It means that this baby is fully-developed and can come any day now with little to no risk at all of breathing/lung issues. Honestly, we’re hoping baby decides to make an early appearance!

Miss anything: Food, really. I’m so full of baby that I’m never really hungry anymore. I crave something, take a few bites, and I’m done.

Movement: Baby’s movements are a lot less pronounced these days because he/she is running out of wiggle room. That said, I can definitely feel the baby a lot more down there. It’s pretty uncomfortable, but hopefully a sign of things to come!

Cravings: Nothing. I want nothing these days haha

Food aversions: Finally – no food aversions!

Looking forward to: My next OB appointment is on Tuesday. My OB will check me, and we’ll see if baby’s decided to fully engage (hopefully)! I’m also really looking forward to a relaxing weekend of just Ryan and I because with the move and baby coming so soon, we’re in for a treat! Oh yeah, and I really want to know if it’s a boy or a girl!