a little perspective

Things are moving along with the home-buying process! It’s crazy to think that, if all goes well, Ryan and I will close on our first home right before Christmas. Madness, I say! I can’t wait to show you guys the house in its entirety, as well as the adorable town and village to which we’ll be relocating. 

I’d be lying, however, if I said that I wasn’t stressed and a little worried out of my mind right now though. We recently found out that our deferment (or our extension at Fort Huachuca) was denied outright. That means those few extra weeks of cushion after baby Moore arrives are no longer even an option. On the one hand, it’s great. We’ll be back East for Christmas with the family, and my sisters will get to meet the peanut before the new year. On the other hand though, the thought of packing up, giving birth, moving (with a baby and two cats), as well as selling Ryan’s car, buying a house and buying a new car in that timeframe is absolutely daunting. 

Add to that I’m trying to figure out my maternity leave situation and MSRRA (Military Spouse Residency Relief Act) requirements. As an aside, working military spouses, have you dealt with MSRRA laws yet? We’re trying to file prior to my maternity leave, and it’s a process. I’m only taking a month of maternity leave since I work from home, and we now have to schedule a mandatory induction date so I have a set amount of time before our move date of December 18th.

If baby Moore doesn’t arrive before 12/8, it looks like we’ll be saying hello to a ginger peanut right around that time. I guess, in the end, that puts it all into perspective.