trips to tempe

It’s so crazy to think that this newlywed season of our life is quickly coming to a close, and while I have somewhat mixed feelings about that, I also feel so undeniably blessed to be sharing it with the man I love more than anything. The countdown to baby Moore is on, and I’m uncomfortable as anything these days, but I wouldn’t trade a second of this experience for anything. Ryan’s been a rock for me…loving, caring, making me laugh and infusing me with this unbelievable excitement for our little peanut, when I might have otherwise only been nervous. I am so happy to be with my best friend through all of this.

Since our time as just a twosome is winding down, we took a trip up to Tempe this weekend to visit my brother-in-law’s sister, Rachel – we just call her our sister. She was visiting to cheer on her boyfriend, Josh, who was racing in the Ironman Arizona this past weekend. So, we hopped in the car, dutifully did the 3 hour drive to Tempe  and spent a day with Rachel and wishing Josh the best of luck. (And yes, he did complete it…in just over 12 hours!)

You know, I whine and complain a lot about how uncomfortable I am. I whimpered about the Braxton Hicks for most of the latter half of our drive up. I complained how nothing fit, and I felt like a whale. But here’s the thing…I am so, so lucky, and that hasn’t escaped me one bit. I think that, if anything, I’m just more than ready to hold this squirmy little bean outside of me. And yet, we’re savoring these last moments of just us. We are so, so, so excited.