38 (plus) week bump date


I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone! It was such a whirlwind this year, and it was definitely different not being home with family – either Ryan’s or my own – this year. We were lucky enough, however, to spend it with our Army family. We’ve made some wonderful friends here at Fort Huachuca, and it was nice to spend the holiday with one of our favorite families here, who are very shortly PCSing to Fort Wainwright in Alaska. We’ll be heading off to opposite corners of the world, but we’ve been so blessed to meet and spend time with Jeremy, Tiffany and their two sweet children, Cayden and Madison.


And now, life is moving full-speed ahead! We sold Ryan’s car this morning, which is a huge relief (and a huge blessing) because it just wouldn’t be a great car for the winters in New York or for our growing family. We’ll purchase a second car once we’re back East, which should weather the climate better. We have our pre-inspection from housing here on post this coming Wednesday, which is our first step towards moving out on the 18th. Ryan has his final day of his 150U course tomorrow, and then he’s all mine through the move until his report date at Drum! Our house purchase is moving forward, and we’re looking at closing December 29th…which we are SO excited about! But…onto the bump 🙂


^^^ I always look slightly ridiculous in selfies



How far along: 38 weeks & 2 days


Gender: We’re not finding out!


Weight gain: 20 lbs…and I feel all 20 of them. My weight, however, has leveled off.


Maternity clothes: I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans with an elastic, but I don’t try anymore. These days, I’m solely in leggings and sweaters, and I’m loving it.


Stretch marks: I have one teeny one on my left hip, which taunts me nightly, but that’s the only one I’ve had. Coconut oil has been a complete lifesaver.


Belly button in or out: It’s a very flat pancake these days…does that still count as an innie?


Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a rock lately. I have the weirdest dreams in the whole world, but when I’m asleep, I’m just dead to the world.


Best moment this week: Spending Thanksgiving with our wonderful friends and getting to dote on baby Madison was lovely. It was nice, too, to spend this final holiday with my love as just a couple of young newlyweds. Life is going to change so much soon, and I’ve savored every moment of just us.


Miss anything: I miss being comfortable and not feeling as though I’m going to wet myself all the time. And yet, at the same time, I’m blessed to feel these discomforts.


Movement: Baby Moore has quite the penchant for snuggling with his or her legs all scrunched under my right ribs. I feel a lot of movement very low these days, almost as though baby is ready to make its way out, too, which is exciting!


Cravings: Ice water and coffee. That’s pretty much it!


Food aversions: No real food aversions here anymore, which is pretty awesome!


Looking forward to: I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I was measuring small at my appointment last week, so my OB wanted me to get in to see if I’m leaking amniotic fluid. He has a sneaking suspicion I might be, which means it’s time for baby to come out. I also have an OB appointment on Tuesday, a cervical check to strip my membranes on Friday and, if that doesn’t start labor, I’ll be induced on Sunday, 12/7. My friends, we’re a week away from baby!!!