because of him

There is so much going on in our lives right now that sometimes it is absolutely crazy overwhelming, and there are days that I swear I’m on the verge of the world’s most epic meltdown. Ryan has been this steady, incredible rock for me through all of it though. I know that this year hasn’t been the easiest for him either. He’s been away training for much of it, and I know that having a pregnant and hormonal wife hasn’t always been the easiest to come home to. And yet, he takes it all in stride every single day.

He’s been my pillar of strength this year. I’ve always known he’s my best friend and the best partner in life that I could ever have hoped for, but these past few months (and weeks, especially), he’s been more solid and focused than ever. Guys, we don’t have a perfect marriage; I’ll make no bones about that. We have our arguments, and we both err on the wrong side at times, but I’ve never once doubted his love, his commitment and the depth of his excitement for our growing family.

Today, for example, I was having a rough day. I’m tired, I’m sore and I’m ready for this baby to be born. I’m doing my best to prepare this house for a move, all the while incubating a chubby little nugget that has no desire to leave its comfy little womb. Ryan, knowing I’ve been overwhelmed, surprised me with those roses and the sweetest note – just to let me know how much he loves me and how excited he is for this babe to be born.

Honestly, this journey hasn’t always been the easiest, but it’s been oh so worth it…because of him. Ryan is my best friend, my partner in crime and the one who can make me smile even when I’m down. I’m so blessed and so thankful to be on this journey of life with the greatest friend a girl could ever have.