we’re not in arizona anymore

Ladies and gentlemen…we’re officially done with Arizona and Fort Huachuca! Ryan finally arrive in New Hampshire this afternoon, and I arrived last Wednesday. My mother flew to Arizona and flew back with Spencer, myself and our two cats, after quite the adventure of the trip. Honestly, the flights weren’t bad, but the TSA and airline (United) in Tuscon were terrible. I’ve never met more horrible, rude and uncaring people in my life. BUT that’s done. We’re now in NH until Sunday the 28th, and then we’re heading up to Drum!

^^^ this little man is settling in nicely

We also received some amazing news this morning. Our closing on our home will officially take place 12/29, and I can’t wait to share with you our first home together! We can’t wait for this next adventure. I’ll do my best to blog in between now and then, but I can’t promise anything! This Christmas (and Hanukkah) is all about family, and we sure are enjoying our time together again.

Love to all!