2014 was pretty much perfection

Not to be cliche or anything, but 2014 has probably been the most epic year of both mine and Ryan’s lives. I feel like I should have blogged more in the past couple of weeks, but between Spencer’s birth, moving across the country and Christmas with the family, life has been insane! Ryan, Spencer and I arrived in Black River, New York late Sunday night, and were meant to close on our home on Monday morning. It didn’t happen…so it was rescheduled to Tuesday at 10 AM. That didn’t happen either. Finally, after way too much back and forth, we closed on our first home together at 6 PM last night, and we couldn’t be happier!



I took this picture back in November when I went back East to look at properties. We loved this one, and we are so happy to finally be in our brand new home! It was built in 1880 and completely remodeled by our neighbors, who actually bought the property after the old owner passed away in 2011. It’s stunning. It has so much character, and yet it has all the new amenities, too. The only hitch to our moving in? Our household goods won’t arrive until January 8th. So, until then, we’re camping on an air mattress, Spencer is sleeping in his rock ‘n play, and we’re slowly but surely getting back to normal.


I’ll take a lot of pictures and do a full house tour once our furniture arrives and we’re really settled in a couple weeks, but until then, here are a couple shots I took back in November during my visit.


^^^ quite possibly my favorite room in the house


^^^ our amazing back yard


As an aside, we’re under blizzard conditions as I type this. Between tonight and tomorrow, we’re expecting between 9 and 18 inches of snow. I, personally, am loving this change from Arizona weather! I owe you all updates on little Mr. Spencer Bruce, and I’ll have a full post on our little man tomorrow, too. He’s an amazing baby, and we’re so excited to be in his very first home that he’ll ever know, too.


Until then, wishing you all the happiest of New Years, and hoping that 2015 is even better for all! xo