one month of spencer bruce

As I write this, our little Spencer Bruce is fast asleep next to me. His one month birthday was, coincidentally, on Ryan and my anniversary – January 4th – and we celebrated calmly with a family nap. It was glorious. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. It seems like yesterday Ryan and I were in the hospital wondering how we could have been blessed with this precious little boy. In the same breath though, it feels like an eternity ago that we were just learning to navigate midnight (and 2, 3 and 4 AM feedings).


Spencer was such a champ throughout the entire moving process. He’s taken to the time difference, the different surroundings, all the loving arms begging to hold him and a weird new schedule so, so well. He’s a really easy-going baby, and despite the sleepless nights (and trust me, there are sleepless nights), we are so in love with his goofy little self.


Baby’s Milestones: Spencer smiled about a week and a half ago! His smiles are real now sometimes – not just reflex smiles – and they just about explode my heart each time I get one. Aunt Nikki, my older sister, got the very first real smile, and I think it might have convinced her to give little Spencer cousins sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed?!


Baby’s Loves: Spencer’s Rock ‘n Play is still his absolute favorite. Since we just went through a PCS, we’re still waiting for all of our household goods. At Huachuca, we bought the Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper in lieu of a crib because of the fast move, but he didn’t sleep well in it. He does, however, get about 3-hour stretches in his Rock ‘n Play, which is wonderful for both Ryan and I.


Special Moments: Ryan and I had really been looking forward to giving Spencer his first bath, and much to our chagrin, he seemed less than enthused by the whole thing. You could see that a part of him loved it that first week, but he has a really strong Moro Reflex, so I think his panic took over. Once we moved into our new house though, I have been sitting in the tub with Spencer, and seeing Daddy over him while having Mama hold him seems to calm down his intense urge to hyperventilate and panic. He’s finally able to really enjoy bath time, which is special for us and him. For those wondering what a Moro Reflex is, it’s a reaction to a sudden loss of support or feeling of falling that pretty much all babies have during the fourth trimester…he gets it in the bath and when we change him…see exhibit A:


^^^ not having household goods means changing a baby on the floor


Mama Favorites: Spencer has a tendency to scratch his little face when crying or in his sleep, so mittens have been a must for him. He is also squirmy though, and he usually manages to extricate his little hands from them. Carters makes these amazing little onesies with mittens built in though, that have made our lives much easier…I just fold over the mitten, and his little hands are safe and warm again!


Mama Thoughts: I’m loving this new phase of Spencer’s little life! He’s finally fitting in his newborn clothes, and he’s got the sweetest little personality. He’s only waking us up (on average) twice a night now – once when Ryan feeds him a bottle of pumped milk around 1 AM, and one more time when we nurse around 4 AM. We’re finally getting on a bit of a schedule, and he seems to be taking to it quite well. He loves to be held, and we just love holding him, so it’s been a great arrangement here in the Moore household!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the realities of how difficult transitioning to motherhood can be though. I’ve definitely struggled with a tad more than the baby blues, and there were quite a few tears shed. While I love my son more than anything, it’s a very trying transition. I’ve had to learn that I still need to make myself a priority, that a shower can make a bad day better, and it is alright to let him cry for a little bit if his needs have been met. It’s all a learning process, and I’ve definitely learned that by giving myself a little space, I can enjoy and appreciate motherhood all the more.



Happy one month to our beautiful boy (a few days late)! Mama and Daddy sure do love you!