mornings with the moores

For anyone that knows me in real life, they’ll know and testify that I am not now, nor have I ever been a morning person. I grew up swimming competitively though, so I was forced to do a 4:45 AM wakeup most of my life from 13 to 22. So, when I finished swimming in college, I valued my mornings sleeping in more than just about anything. Weekends with Ryan before Spencer usually consisted of 10 AM wake-ups…or later. These days? Not so much.

We’re lucky that Spencer is a great sleeper. Honestly, besides the few rough weeks of moving and having a really new newborn, he’s been gradually decreasing his wake ups. We generally put him to bed at 8:15 PM, and he sleeps until around 5 AM, nurses and goes back to sleep. It’s definitely been an adjustment for me though. Sacred mornings? Different now, for sure. I actually set my alarm for 5:30 no matter what on weekdays now because if he hasn’t already nursed, I get up and start working. Once he goes back down, it’s usually until 8:15 AM, so I can get a good two hours of work in, plus a shower and make breakfast in that time.

Mornings around here (usually) look something like this now:

4:30 AM – Ryan wakes up to go to the gym

5:00 AM – Spencer wakes up to nurse. I feed & change him, and he’s back down by 5:30.

5:30 AM – I start working.

6:45 AM – I take a shower and put on some makeup (I’m like 60% to looking like a real human again).

7:15 AM – I make breakfast of eggs and Shakeology for Ryan…just Shakeo for me.

7:30 AM – Ryan gets home from the gym. We sit and have a real breakfast together. Insanity.

8:15 AM – Ryan wakes Spencer up to be nursed. It’s his special time of the morning.

8:45 AM – We start a little time on his playmat, plus the dreaded tummy time (he likes it on his Boppy).

10:00 AM – Spencer usually goes back down for his first 20-30 minute nap.

Spencer is usually awake for 60-90 minutes at a time, so I can get a little bit of work done in those little intervals. His feedings are now between 2 1/2 and 3 hours apart, too, so it gives me a little bit of a relief, too. Honestly, sticking to his schedule has been a godsend. We’ve blown it a few times and paid the price, but it’s awesome to have these little routines together. It makes for a happy baby, but most importantly – a happy momma and daddy.