out of doors

The weather in upstate New York is bipolar, I tell you. One second it’s a balmy, springy day…the next it’s snowing. Yes. snowing. This weekend, thankfully, it was kind of in between the two. It didn’t get out of the 50s, but we decided that was a good enough temperature to bundle the baby and take a walk around our little village.


^^^ bear suit from H&M

We loaded Spencer in my little Baby Bjorn and took to the woods, aka Poors Island, which we can access less than a half mile down our road. Right now, the trees are still barren and brown, but the water was rushing, the sky was blue, and we had to get some fresh air. I feel like we’ve been hibernating all winter!

^^^ this image kills me with cute. I got tired from carrying the bubs, so daddy took over

I get so giddy and excited when I see the little buds forming on our trees because I know that this summer is going to be perfection with our sweet little man. I love daydreaming about him playing in a little kiddie pool in our backyard, us soaking up the rays, taking in the sights of the Thousand Islands and really just enjoying this new little haven of a home.

I think this whole year will be about finding a proper rhythm as a family of three, but I think that spring – and the ability to get outdoors and really enjoy this beautiful neck of the woods – will help us do so. As an aside, we did get deployment news on Ryan’s front. It’s part good, part meh. Because of OPSEC, I won’t really remark much about it, but I will say that it looks good this year, and a little blah for next year. In terms of living in the moment though, we’re golden, and I love it.

Oh yeah – and it’s supposed to be in the 70s next weekend. Thank you, New York!