Honestly, this past weekend was one of the best our little family has had since we moved to New York. The weather was springtime perfection – averaging 65 with clear blue skies and very little wind. And, after slowly finding our stride as a family of three, we took advantage of the great weather and spent some quality time outside, taking an outing to Home Depot, checking out an antique store and doing some yard work. And, we finally started our family walks, though with the rain and wind today, it’s doubtful it’ll happen today.


^^^ the face of a man that’s over taking pictures

Spencer has been going through a definite bit of sleep regression lately, which we hear (and read) is normal around the 4-6 month range. We average 2-3 wake ups a night again now, but luckily he’s been going straight back down after nursing and being changed. And, if he doesn’t, we’re definitely doing cry it out, which sucks, but it’s effective.

All that said, there’s been something magical about getting this little man out of the house where we’ve been cooped up for a long, hard winter and just seeing the wonder in his eyes at all these new sights and sounds. We took a stroll down the street yesterday to see the dam (literally a quarter mile from our house) and it was stunning. There’s going to be so much to discover here for us as a little family, and this is just the beginning.

Even though I know we won’t be here forever because of Ryan’s role in the Army, I can tell that this is going to be the perfect place for us to really start. The seasons, the abundant nature, the open spaces – all of it – they’re so amazing, and they’re so vastly different from Arizona. I can’t wait until New York stops messing with us and actually stays springtime!