lakeside love

I disappeared there for a few weeks. Every single night, I had the best of intentions and totally planned to blog, but real life takes precedent…always. Life has been so sweet lately. As a family, we’re getting to enjoy the great outdoors more, enjoy this blossoming little personality that our son has and really explore our new home in upstate NY more. Over Memorial Day weekend, Ryan had a 4-day, so we were able to visit Kyser Beach where our neighbors have a lake house.

I was initially really worried about the trip because breaking Spencer from his routine is hard for me – as well as him – but it turned out that I really didn’t need to worry. He seems to enjoy being outside, and that was great because we had all the opportunities in the world to dip our toes in the water, relax in the sun and get to enjoy the fresh air. Prepare for picture overload…

^^^ this man…he has my whole heart

Since we’ve recently had news that Ryan will likely be going overseas for a while (can’t detail that for OPSEC purposes for now), we’re savoring every moment we have together. Believe it or not, our little man is going to be 6 whole months old next week. Motherhood and fatherhood has been such a transition for us, but it’s been a really wonderful one, too.

In personal news, I joined Weight Watchers last month because I was really unhappy with my weight trend – despite losing all the baby weight. I just hadn’t seemed to really grasp the weight loss thing with my new schedule, but this transition has been amazing! In 4 weeks, I’ve lost 8.4 lbs, and when I get to a month, I might just detail a bit more about this. Between much more frequent workouts and proper eating, I’m seeing the changes…and loving it!

And, in exciting news, Ryan and I booked a cruise for an early anniversary celebration! We’re going to be heading to the Bahamas in November on the beautiful new Norwegian Breakaway, and we can’t wait. Since Spencer will be 11 months old, he’ll be spending the week with his Oma and Opa in New Hampshire while this momma and daddy have a little getaway all to themselves. We really can’t wait 🙂