tgif (seriously)

This has been a long week. Honestly, I’m not even that sure why because Spencer had a few trips to hourly care (got sent home for crying twice), and our new sitter started. I got some work done. I was actually moderately productive. And yet, it’s felt like a really long, long week. So, I’m welcoming this weekend with open arms though, unfortunately, Ryan has to work tomorrow. May + 24 hour ops + their inspection coming up makes me want to give an evil side-eye to the Army. Oh well.

one// Spencer enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame this week when Bose regrammed a picture I put on instagram of him holding Ryan’s treasured Sound Link Mini. I couldn’t help but giggle at that serious expression on his little face.


two// Running is going nicely this month! So far, I’ve done 10 miles this week, and I’m looking forward to another long, slow run with the stroller this weekend, plus a short one today. The weather is beautiful now, and I’m taking advantage of it!

three// These two have been snuggling like a boss in the mornings lately. They find the sunny spot on the bed and just cuddle, cuddle, cuddle until the baby decides it’s time to wake up for the day. Then, they scatter to the wind. It’s nice to have some quiet moments with my very first babies – my fur babies.

four// I finally, finally, finally decided to get my rings replated last week. I’ve been dreading taking them to the jeweler since I got engaged, but it was high time that my beautiful 14k gold get a good cleaning – and a new goat of shine. After a long week without my rings (and wearing a cheap band to tide myself over), they should be ready to pick up today!

five// This sweet boy of ours had his first taste of real food on his 5 month birthday. He had avocados (pureed with a bit of breastmilk), and he seemed both utterly perplexed and a bit excited about the prospect of holding his spoon. In fact, I think he was more excited about his spoon than he was about his avocados. Small victories? He hasn’t had enough to change his poos yet. I’ll take that as somewhat of a win.

So, here’s to a weekend of good weather, health and happiness. Despite Ryan working tomorrow, we’re going to make the best of it because Spencer and I are taking a trip to Philadelphia next week. Solo. I’m terrified. More on that to come…