6 days

In just 6 short days, Ryan and I are running our first half marathon ever at Lake Placid, New York. I’m so dang excited, but I’d be a huge liar if I said I wasn’t absolutely terrified, too! I ran an 8-miler this past weekend, and in all honesty, that’s the longest I’ve ever run straight. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to go into a half marathon, but that time has long since passed. This is a little snippet of what we’re in for:

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We’ve heard a few accounts from friends now that say that the course is a a bit hilly and unpredictable. It’s apparently gorgeous, but also a tricky course, simply because when you think you’ve reached the summit of one hill, you go straight into the next. From what we hear, you finish on a track though, so that last bit, at least is pretty simple and flat.

My parents are coming up Friday to spend the weekend with us and watch Spencer while we die run. Spencer is in for a treat because Oma and Opa just love him so darn much! Hopefully we’ll be able to survive the run and head back home Sunday night. We opted not to stay there overnight, as everything’s absurdly overpriced, but we may come to regret that later.

Anyhow…friends who’ve run halves and full marathons…advice? Anything we should know or think about going in?