6 months of spencer bruce

I fail at blogging lately. And yes, I say this on a bi-monthly basis…at least. I’ve simply decided that life is worth living in the moment, rather than extolling on the web all the time. Do I love this blog? Very much so. Will it be my primary focus in all things? No. Plain and simple, my family and my work come first. That said, I will be keeping this up as much as possible. And, because I just got that off my chest, I have to say that my sweet baby boy turned 6 whole months yesterday! How is that even possible?!



Weight: Nugget butt is now 16 lb 10 oz and finally in the 40th percentile for weight! No wonder my arms get so darn tired carrying him all the time. He’s our little porky boy, and we love him lots. He just started wearing size 3 diapers last week…craziness.

Clothes: Spencer is well into his 6-9 month clothing now. The onesies fit him really well, while the pants and shorts slip a good bit on his waist and are pretty darn long on his little legs. He looks pretty darn adorable in everything though!

Milestones: There have been so many firsts this past month! Baby boy tried his very first solids on his 5 month birthday – avocado – and wasn’t the biggest fan. He’s since tried sweet potatoes, banana, peas and squash. He really only liked the banana…but I, personally, wasn’t a fan of his diaper the next morning. I’m jussayin’.

He scoots around – backwards – all the time now. He looks like he’s going to crawl, but then he goes in reverse, which is the funniest thing! He has the loudest belly laugh, loves to be tickled and wants nothing more than to walk. He can sit up somewhat now, but he’s more interested in eating his toes.

Sleeping has been on and off this month. We’ve had everything from a 3-4 wakeup night to a 1 wakeup night. On average, he goes to bed at 7 PM and sleeps until he nurses around 2, then sleeps through until 7. I can deal with that!


Spencer’s Favorites this Month: Spencer is a huge, huge fan of his exersaucer and his jumparoo. He also had his first few turns on the swing at the park, and let’s just say it’s a hit! He’s quite the fan of it, and it makes me wonder why Ryan and I never bought this baby a swing…sheesh.


Mama’s Thoughts this Month: We finally got the childcare situation figured out, and this month has been one of constant, steady progress. Spencer’s days are more challenging – and more fun – but we’re loving this phase of our little man. We wouldn’t trade this exhaustion for anything, and we’re loving being parents to this little stinker. Here’s to many (MANY) more months of our nugget!