a q & a with mr. moore

I found this fun little interview on Liz’s blog, Sundays with Sophie, and it was [originally] inspired by Jessica’s interview over at the The Newly. Needless to say, since Ryan is always asking me if I’m taking the time to blog, I figured it would be a good time to feature that feisty redhead on the blog again. I have a feeling we’re in for some shenanigans, but you’ll get a little sneak peek into this guy’s mind, and what’s better than that? No, really.

Anyhow, I borrowed some questions from the previous interviews and added a fun spin with my own, as well, so here goes nothing…

^^^ because it’s my blog, I get to pick his feature picture. you’re welcome, husband 🙂

Q: What’s the name of my blog, and why did I pick it?

A: It’s Loving Life Moore, and you picked it because it’s punny. 

Q: What do I typically write about?

A: You try to give a realistic view of motherhood and life as a working professional and wife…along with fitness uhhhhhh endeavors?

Q: I used to run a different blog. What was the name, and what did I blog about?

A: i swim for oceans? And it was a book review blog of young adult fiction. BOOM. 100%.

Q: What does WAHM stand for?

A: WAHM? What asshole hit me. 

(Sidebar…work at home mom. “Oh. I’ve never heard that before.”)

Q: Whats jewelry do I wear every day? No peeking!

A: Your wedding ring…and that’s about it. I don’t know, do you wear earrings every day? You’re not wearing them now. 

(Sidebar…I’m getting a very accusing look)

Q: What do we like to do together?

A: Watch Netflix, play fight, worry our parents about play-fighting, take walks….run….travel for races, family time in New Hampshire, private judgment of friends on social media. That’s it. OH…cooking and eating. Hells yeah.

Q: Speaking of which, what’s my favorite food?

A: Beef wellington? I don’t know.

(Sidebar…sushi. “Is it? You never make it. Is it really?! We went to that sushi place and you didn’t seem too happy. Probably just because they didn’t have alcohol.”

Q: What do I do when I’m home alone with Spencer?

A: You’re either working, you’re paying attention to him so he doesn’t freak out, or changing his diaper, or feeding him. Or you’re taking care of house chores. 

Q: What do YOU do when you’re home alone with Spencer?

A: Try to get him to be quiet long enough so I can read an article on the Internet.

Q: Am I good at staying on a budget?

A: We’ve never had a budget. One thing at a time.

Q: What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a dress?

A: What kind of dress. Any kind? Well, it depends. If you’re talking about a dress for church, probably like $100. If you’re talking about a pretty dress for like a formal occasion, probably like $400? Talking like a wedding…I don’t know. $1,000?

Q: What’s usually in my purse? I’m opening a can of worms here.

A: A cure for cancer. That’s my answer. Because everything in the world is in your purse including a cure for cancer. The scientists just haven’t discovered it yet. It’s like the unexplored regions of the Amazonian rainforest.

Q: Who’s your favorite Kardashian?

A: Oh God. Have any of them died? Oh, probably, what’s the name of the dad? Robert? And I’ll tell you why…because he’s dead. And he actually had a real job if you consider being a lawyer a real job.

(Sidebar…Your sister in law is a layer. “So? It’s debatable whether they add any real value to society.”

Q: What makeup do I usually wear?

A: Naked. That’s it. I don’t know. Are you talking like eyeliner? Foundation? Bronzer? Sparkles? I don’t know, it’s magical to me. You grab a couple brushes and it’s like voila. Is this funny?

Q: Anything else you’d like to say or add on, m’dear?

A: In general? Mmmmmmm. Can I interview you and post it on your blog? And I love you, and you’re the best wife, and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. XOXOXOXOXO.

(Sidebar…yes, you can interview me. LOVE YOU!)

So, there you have it. That’s my husband. Crazy, silly, sassy, ridiculous and my very best friend. I’ll keep him…bratty answers and all 🙂