a weekend in pictures

Summertime is oh-sweet in the North country, and I’m really learning to love this northern New York scene. We haven’t had the chance to explore as much as I’d like yet, but I know we’re going to get around to it eventually. It’s difficult managing these things with a baby. Perhaps we’re the only couple that struggles with it, but I think finding the time to explore, coupled with balancing his feeding/napping schedule is definitely a tedious task. Perhaps it gets easier when they’re not exclusively breastfed? Just musing here.


I digress. We had a relaxing weekend here in the Moore household. Ryan’s coming up on block leave, so we’re going to have him home for a good bit for a while, too, and we can’t wait! Training is in full swing again, and I signed up for another half marathon – the Empire State Half Marathon – in October. What can I say? I got bitten by the bug!



^^^ one of our favorite toys – the flapping flower from Melissa & Doug

^^^ it was a little chilly for him, but he loved the water, and this momma was SO happy!

Little man finally cut his first tooth on the 18th, and we had some sweet relief from his fussiness…plus he had a little break from the pain. Thank goodness for sweet little miracles. Summertime, you make our hearts happy.