running wrap-up: may

May was a much better running month for both Ryan and myself. Honestly, had April been half as good as this past month, I’d feel a lot better going into the Lake Placid half marathon on the 14th – and yes, that means we’re only 9 days out. Now that we have proper childcare, a balance with my work and time to log real workouts, I’m starting to see progress, and I love it! I definitely could have done better, but I think that June is going to be a great month, and when we finish this race, we plan to sign up for another, so we’ll keep training!

I only did 3 more runs than I did in April, but my average run was longer by far, and while I only did 19 miles in April, I doubled that in May. I think I did half my runs with the jogger this past month, and I did about half without, which afforded me the opportunity to increase my mileage.

I didn’t really have any fast runs in May. I wasn’t really aiming for them either. I think that my average pace in May was 10:27, whereas it was 10:23 in April. Ryan’s helping me focus more on distance than speed though, and holy moly…I see the difference in my legs, which is awesome! Here’s the breakdown for May:

Longest run: 6 miles

Shortest run: 2 miles

Fastest pace: 10:10

Slowest pace: 11:00

Total miles: 41.3

I’m really pleased with the progress I made in May, and I think that it can only get better from here. On a silly note, I’m down one short size, and that made me super happy, plus that combined with joining weight watchers (more on that later) to boost confidence and help get to my ultimate goal weight, I’m down 9lbs, which I think is helping, too. Here’s to an even better June! 🙂