family time

Last weekend, our amazing neighbors were, well, amazing, and gave us their cottage for the weekend on Oneida Lake. They knew that we needed a little peace before Ryan went overseas, and they decided that they would give us the keys – and the space – to breathe before he left. We were so grateful and undeserving of this time, but it was wonderful for us to really have a chance to escape – even for a few days.

It was a bit windy and chilly when we got there with stunning storm clouds, and I got to snap this sweet picture of my main men. Seriously. Be still, my heart. These two are the light of my life, and these memories are the things that make life all the more worthwhile.

The second day there was beautiful and sunny, so we slathered both Spencer and Ryan in extraordinary amounts of sunscreen and took advantage of the beautiful water. It was warm – probably close to 73 degrees, and despite what the picture looks like, it’s barely a foot deep there. We were kneeling, and Spence could touch the bottom.

We didn’t stay out in the sun too long because we didn’t want him (or Ryan) to burn…silly gingers…but the sun we did enjoy was just perfection. We ate lunch out by the lake, enjoyed tummy time in the grass and just detached from the world.

On another note, I heard from Ryan this morning, and he safely (and finally) made it to his destination overseas. He’s settling in nicely, and though he’s crossed the dateline and about 13 hours ahead of us, I’m so grateful he has wifi and will be able to contact us. It’s these things – and the beautiful summer memories – that will keep my soul happy while he’s away.