back on land

I was (un)intentionally MIA again…I’m sorry! Ryan and I went on our cruise to the Bahamas last week and had some much-needed us time. It was amazing. I’ll be totally honest and say that I really missed my little handsome monkey though! He had a great time at Oma and Opa’s though, and he learned to walk two days before we got back. I’m so thankful he did it for my parents, since it was such a special moment for them to have with their first grandchild.

I have a lot of posts in the queue just waiting to be shared with you all…not the least of which is a pregnancy update. Crazy how that becomes the second thought the second time around! But, for now, here’s a little snippet of our cruise getaway.

We started our cruise in Manhattan, and we were scheduled to stop in Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, the Bahamas.We, unfortunately, didn’t get to get off the ship at Great Stirrup Cay because the water was too rough to tender the boats. We did, however, head to Nassau early and got off the ship and explored Atlantis late at night to avoid the crowds. It was amazing.

In Nassau, we got off the ship early in the morning the second day and found a local who took us to Atholl Island to go snorkeling. It was so neat to be the only two at that time of morning in the gorgeous water and to see the Bahamas through the eyes of a local, rather than a tour guide. He pointed out some of the most amazing places on Paradise Island, and he recommended a great local-Bahamian place to eat – Lukka Kairi – which had the most incredible food.

Though we were disappointed we weren’t able to get off the ship at Great Stirrup Cay, we had a wonderful time just relaxing on the ship and enjoying some much-needed rest. We even had a movie night with room service and everything…totally worth it!

It’ll be a long time till we can do something like this again, so we’re so appreciative for having had the opportunity. We’re so, so glad to be home with our little guy again, who’s precariously close to his first birthday. How did that happen?!