turkey trotting

For the first time in forever, my whole family managed to get together for Thanksgiving (except my future brother-in-law, Josh, who’s on rotation as a doctor and couldn’t get away). What does a family of crazies do to earn their Thanksgiving dinner? We get up early and do the Purity Springs 5k turkey trot, which turned out to be a trail race – something I never, ever train. It turned out to be so much fun though!

I’m in the purple (all image credit goes to Joe Viger photography)

image credit to Joe Viger photography

My little sister, Kristina, and I decided to run together since our road running pace is pretty much the same. We did well considering we never do trail runs, and we held about a 9:54 pace overall. Our finish time was 31:20, so while not exceptional, we’ll take it! Plus, at 13 weeks pregnant, I’ve been pretty darn proud.

image credit to Joe Viger photography

And that, my friends, is my incredible momma. She is 68 years old, and while she has done 5ks before, she’s never run one. My sister helped her get on a training plan, and she bit the bullet, running her 5k for the first time ever! She’s amazing, and we were all so darn proud of her.

my older sister, Nikki, cheesing in the background (image credit to Joe Viger photography)

my brother-in-law, Adam, running in a turkey suit 🙂 (image credit to Joe Viger photography)

my incredibly good-looking husband, running like a boss! (image credit to Joe Viger photography)

While all families have their traditions for the holidays, I truly hope we can make this one of ours. It was so fun to brave the cold, do a race and enjoy relaxing in the aftermath. I will never be the best runner, but I enjoy doing it now, and having a family that loves being active is such a treat. I really want to raise Spencer and our children loving this sort of thing, as well, because it really brought us together more than ever before.

I guess that means I need to buy a better jogger for baby number two…any recommendations?!