1 year of spencer bruce

Dear Spencer Bruce,

Today you are one year old! It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown this past year, especially when I think that at this time last year, we were eagerly anticipating your arrival. You came screaming and crying into this world at 4:39 PM in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and our lives were forever changed for the better. You are, and will always be, my precious baby boy. My firstborn. My sweet little man who made me a Mama.


You went from being my little tiny sugar biscuit that waves his hands at his toys on his play mat, to rolling over, to crawling like the little Army baby that you are. And, before we knew it, you took your first steps and started walking for Oma and Opa just two days shy of your 11-month birthday.


Spencer, you have such a sweet, but fierce spirit, and I hope that I will always foster that in the very best way possible. You know what you want, and you’re a smart little man; you know how to get it. You talk a lot! You’re favorite words are Dada, doggie, Stella-cat and, unfortunately, die. We don’t know where that one came from. We’re still working on Mama, but I’m okay with being called Dada, so long as you’ll still snuggle with me in our glider until you’re 20.


You absolutely love your bath time, and from the beginning, that’s been such a joy for this mama to share with you. We went from your first baths in Arizona, to little tubbies in Oma’s sink, to sitting with Mama in the tub with you. Now, you play with your toys, stand and make declarations, and you swim around in your tub all by yourself. It’s one of my greatest joys seeing this love you have for the water, and I can’t wait to get you into swim lessons, as it was such a huge part of my life.


Baby boy, above all else, I’m so proud to be your Mama. I never knew that I could love someone so much, or that you could make me love your daddy even more, too! Thank you for beating birth control, coming in God’s perfect timing and making our little family more complete.


Happy first birthday, precious Spencie!


Love always,