on the go


After what seemed like the world’s most hectic build-up to Christmas, we finally got to spend our first Christmas in our own home as a family of three. We went to Utah to visit Ryan’s family from the 15th through the 22nd, and we got home late, late on the 22nd. Here’s how our travels coming home went:


  • Arrive at SLC airport for 1:20 PM flight
  • Flight is delayed for a 2:30 PM departure
  • Read that our connection at JFK is the last flight to Syracuse of the night – and we won’t make our connection.
  • Change our flight to a flight departing at 2:15 and connecting in Atlanta
  • Flight is delayed to a 3:20 PM departure due to de-icing the plane and a sick child on board
  • Begin our descent into Atlanta, and Spencer poops, so we can’t get up to change him
  • Land with 38 mins to our connection, and the jetway is malfunctioning, so it won’t line up with the plane
  • 20 minutes pass and we quickly get off the plane, run to change Spencer (who has blown out all over)
  • We run from the E terminal to the B terminal, make it to our gate and quickly check the stroller
  • Make it on the plane with 12 minutes to spare before takeoff

Needless to say, when we finally arrived in Syracuse at around 11:30 PM, we have never been happier. Our bags came out quickly, Spencer was a trooper and slept all the way home, and we managed to get back to Black River by around 1:30 AM.



So, as you can imagine, we were thrilled at the prospect of a quiet Christmas at home – and it delivered in spades. We really didn’t do too much. We spent time with our neighbors who have quickly become family, spoiled our little boy and enjoyed the last vestiges of this mild winter – because it looks like it’s going to cool off next week.


Needless to say though, I’m back, and I’m thrilled to be back on this blog. It’s really hard to blog while traveling, so it’s nice to be able to sit back, sip some tea while Spence is napping and jot down some thoughts. I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful holiday, too! xo


PS – If anyone wants to see us in 2016, it’s YOUR turn to visit 😀