once in a weekend

It was a fun, busy, bustling weekend in the Moore household! For the first time in a very long time (read: I believe, 6 months), we actually got a babysitter to come over and watch Spencer so we could go to Ryan’s Brigade Ball. We don’t get to dress up too often, so it was a great chance for me to utilize Rent the Runway and borrow a stunning Monique Lhullier dress for the evening. Despite a fisaco in the dress actually arriving (read: UPS had it locked in their facility until 2 hours before the ball), I managed to pull it together, have one of the sizes fit my growing belly and have a blast.

The ball, itself, was a bit blah, but we had so much fun with friends. We got to sit with Ryan’s immediate boss and his wife, plus his First Sergeant and his wife and one couple we didn’t even know. It was fun to see the men really enjoy some pressure-less time together, and we laughed the whole way through the rigmarole – barring a few serious moments – like the table for fallen and MIA soldiers. The grog ceremony though? The 15 different toasts? Absurd. We also didn’t get to eat until almost 9 PM – and we were all tempted to go find some fast food. #hangryprego

On Saturday, Spence was feeling a little under the weather, but we managed to do a tiny bit of decorating around the house, and we got to pick up our first real Christmas tree! Last year, mid-PCS with a brand new baby, it just wasn’t an option. This year, we were so excited to live it up and enjoy a fresh-cut tree that we could string with lights and decorate ourselves. We aren’t finished yet – the star for atop the tree has failed me twice. Third time might be the charm?

Ryan goes on leave tomorrow through the 22nd, and I can’t wait! We have a lot of little projects we want to tackle around the house, and I think we might actually make some progress while he’s free. We also leave for Utah next week, but that’s a whole different story there. Oh, the holidays!