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Friends, the plague has descended upon the Moore household. It started with Spencer. He had a little runny nose and a touch of a cough Thursday evening, then he had his 1 year shots (MMR, Chicken Pox and Flu) on Friday. That turned his little cold into a raging fever with a rough, painful weekend for the little guy. Thankfully, he’s the healthiest here right now.

Ryan, who’s never been on quarters (military speak for “not allowed to go to work”) for 24 hours now and was just told he’s still on quarters today. Some nasty GI bug made its way into his body, combined with Spencer’s cold and turned into the plague…it’s no bueno. Poor guy is miserable, and I really don’t blame him. You know it’s bad when he’s longing to go to work!

As for me? Let’s just say pregnancy sickness: 3, yours truly: 0. I just keep getting sick. I get whatever cold Spencer brings home, and not being able to take normal cold meds doesn’t make it any better. I think I’m on the tail end of it though, thankfully, and I can’t wait to feel better. I’ve been forcing myself not to go to the gym and to just rest, and I think that’s helping.

But seriously…fingers crossed for the Moores, please? We’re a sorry bunch right now!