five on friday: random edition

It’s been a productive week here in the Moore household, but I’m so thankful that it’s finally Friday! Weekends mean sleeping in (haha 7 AM is sleeping in when you have a toddler), jammies all day and playing in the teepee with the bubs. I’m especially glad it’s weekend though because I’m ready for this work week to be over. It was one of those weeks with mixed signals, crossed lines of communication and all the crazies. Also known as – I’m ready to be done! Today, I’m linking up over at A. Liz Adventures and joining in the fun 🙂


1 // Since getting my little Etsy shop up and running, I’ve been having a blast and feeling a lot more creative! I ordered some of the sweetest fabrics I’ve ever seen, and I’m sewing up a storm, which is making me insanely happy. One of my favorites is this sleepy cloud print that I might just have to make again for Spencer! I’m also looking for about 3 bloggers who might be interested in receiving a free blanket, set of burp cloths or teether (all organic!) for their babes or toddlers – free of cost for review! If you’re interested, please email me!

2 // I’m battling my current addiction to pizza in all its varying forms. When not pregnant, I like to consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but right now, baby wants all the pizza all the time. I think I might be convincing my husband to order a pizza for our stay home date this weekend since we couldn’t find a sitter.

3 // These sweet Next UK apparel options are speaking to my soul for Spencer’s wardrobe! I like getting him things that are just a little different, and these are right up my alley!

image via

4 // At 26 weeks pregnant, I’m really trying to limit myself on major hormonal appearance changes, but I swear, my hair is driving me nuts. With Spencer, it grew beautifully and shiny and long. This time, I’m a ragged mess, and I’ve been seriously contemplating cutting it off to a long bob. Ryan loves loves loves long hair though, so I’ve resisted. Thoughts on major hair changes when approaching that third trimester craziness?

5 // This picture of my bean make me grin, so I can’t help but share. He is all toddler now, and he is ALL boy. It’s such a fun time in his little life! As a quick aside, my boy is growing a mullet. Like, seriously. But he doesn’t have a ton of hair. I hesitate to cut it yet though because besides le mullet, there really isn’t a lot of hair game going on…mamas of boys…thoughts? When did you first get your son’s hair cut?