snow day

It’s been a minute since I blogged! I’ve meant to, but then we traveled to New Hampshire for Ryan’s 4-day weekend, and we had to say goodbye to our sweet family chow-chow, Panda. Unfortunately, she was extremely sick, and the vet’s only solution was 24-hour care until an exploratory procedure that was probably going to reveal something very bad anyway. My sister Nikki, who is also a vet, agreed with my mother that it wasn’t extending a good quality of life for Panda, so they made the devastating decision to let her go. She was only 9 years old, so it was harder than ever to day goodbye…we’ll always remember her like this though:



We were all super grateful to have Spencer around to life the spirits because it’s never easy to let a pet – or family member – go. He kept us on our toes with his crazy little antics, and I was so thankful that his cute little baby bum kept my momma smiling through it all because her pets have always been her babies, and this is the second pet in two months that has passed.



Today, we’re finally back in New York after a great (and sad) long weekend, and it’s a snow day! Ryan’s home from post, Spencer’s home from daycare, momma’s working (haha), but it gives us a little time to recover. And, of course, my two men can’t seem to stay healthy for long because we’re nursing two colds here…again!


Do any of you have any tried and true cold prevention methods? I’m 25 weeks with baby Moore now, and I really, really don’t want to be sick again!