snippets and snapshots

Summer is winding down, and having two littles this year makes me anxious for fall and cooler weather. This summer has been brutal. I can deal with heat, but heat plus humidity has been hard. Spencer overheats easily, and Porter gets heat rash in the humidity, so it’s been hard to have them outside, despite wanting them to be. Lately though, it’s been hot but had a nice breeze, so we’ve had a bit more desire to enjoy the sunshine. And yes, Mr. Judgey-Pants down there is doing very well working in the Bumbo.



I’ve also been taking advantage of the weather to run a bit more. Running (and swimming) are my happy places, and being able to escape and get a quick workout in has been really helping me A) get rid of this mombod and B) clear my head of all the stressors and upheaval we’ve dealt with lately.

Spencer has been into everything lately, which is both awesome and terrifying. He’s learning how everything works, and what he doesn’t yet know, he’s on the brink of discovering. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love having him come into the kitchen to sample the food before it’s served. I love how curious he is about ingredients and how things work. Like that acorn squash…he needed to nibble on it a few times to deem it worthy of dinner.

He’s become an avid “reader,” too, which makes me so happy! Every night, Ryan reads him a bedtime story, and every morning, we read a book when he gets up. Once we get his toddler room in a row, I’m hoping to have all his books lined up and easily accessible for him. You see, our house isn’t huge. We knew we’d outgrow it by the time we had to PCS, so Spencer will be moving to our guest room soon, and Porter will join him soon after. The boys will share a room, and I’m thinking a nautical nursery is in order…but more on that later.

I’m trying my best to take more pictures lately though, so I’m hoping to do a post like this for posterity every now and again, if only to remember the little things. These boys are growing up so fast, and I don’t want to forget this time!