chasing summer

You know those weekends that are just perfect for all the right reasons? This was one of those weekends. We didn’t do anything crazy. We just spent time as a family, getting things done and enjoying these last vestiges of summer, and it was amazing.

I’ll be the first person to say that I love fall. So much. Like, so much that I have written posts about how much I love fall. But this summer has felt both eternal and fleeting. It was a hot summer, I was pregnant forever, and then once Porter was born, suddenly the summer sped away at lightning speed. Now, we’re heading into fall with a 21 month old, a three month old and an impending deployment that’s making me cherish each moment more than ever.

On Saturday, Ryan and I had our weigh-in at Weight Watchers early, then we took Spencer to get his weekly doughnut. When we got home, we knew we had some tasks we wanted to knock out, and the stars really aligned for us to get them done. Spencer loves playing in the car, so while I cleaned out the car, he played in it for almost two hours, soaking in the heat and sun – making for a perfect nap time. Likewise, Porter napped like a boss while Ryan took care of some tasks in the house, and both of us managed to get our respective wedding attire for my sister’s upcoming nuptials altered. To celebrate accomplishments, we took our boys for the last ice cream of the season at the Blizzard Barn – and Spencer got his very own cup!

The icing on the perfect Saturday was a family dinner with our neighbors across the street, who brought their two dogs over to play in our big back yard. We ate nachos, spent some quality time soaking in the fresh air as the weather turned right then and there. The storm clouds were rolling in with the breeze, and we felt the summer’s humidity die down – making for the perfect Sunday, too. 

Sunday was simpler…just church, nap time and a trip to the park. Ryan got to watch his beloved Chiefs pull a win from behind, and when we went to the park, we watched our little man climb around and own that playground. There is so much joy in his little face when he’s playing outside, and it makes my mama heart smile. His love of life and enthusiasm for the simple things – time with mama and daddy, yummy treats and the great outdoors – is infectious. 

I can’t wait to share all the delights of fall with him in the coming weeks! I hope all your weekends were just as sweet as ours.