currently: the black river edition

It’s Wednesday, and I’m losing my mind thinking that I’m missing a day here…oh, long weekends, you mess me up! But nevertheless, it’s the middle of the week and we’re almost to the weekend again! Today I’m linking up with Jessi’s Design for What’s Hap”pinning” Wednesday to share some of the going’s on over here.


Without a doubt, the biggest thing on my mind right now is that Black River Boutique was featured in an incredible styled photoshoot by Alberta photographer, Photography by Kels. I participated in this a couple months ago, and I finally have some of the finished product on hand. You guys, I die! They’re all so divine – I have to share some of these images because I’m seriously swooning over all of them!






^^^ all images are property of Photography by Kels. Do not use without permission.


Aren’t these images just divine?! I’m so in love with how everything came out for this photoshoot and so flattered that my blanket was used among so many other incredible maker’s products. As an aside – this is still one of my all-time favorite prints, and I’m offering up a last-chance pre-order for your very own Bed of Roses blanket over here. Shamelessly plugging? Sure, but I’m obsessed with how this turned out, and I’m going to be returning the focus of my shop solely to blankets, so I’m just in love with how it all turned out.