Five on Friday: Seriously TGIF

Another week has come and gone, and it’s been nonstop over here lately. It’s been a long, hard, trying week, simply because it seems like we never have a moment to stop. Ryan’s been gone from about 6-6 every single day, and between work, workouts, FRG, sewing and attempting to clean, my week has been nuts. It doesn’t show signs of stopping soon either. BUT – it’s Friday – and that’s something worth celebrating! Today, I’m linking up with A. Liz Adventures and Hello Happiness.

1. Burrville Cider Mill

Last year, we visited the Burrville Cider Mill as a family of three – not yet aware that we were expecting baby number two. This year, we’re super excited to go as a family of four, share the waterfalls with Spencer, who might be almost old enough to appreciate it now, pick some apples and get some delicious cider and donuts. It’s not far from home, but it makes for some great family memories and traditions while we’re here at Drum before Ryan has to leave.

2. Family Clothes (and Shopping!)

Fall is coming at us from every angle right now, and I love it! We’ve discovered, however, that Spencer’s outgrown 99% of his cool weather clothes, and that means a new fall/winter wardrobe is in order. At 21 months, I’m tempted to bypass those 24 month clothes and head straight to 2T, since I hear the size difference is minimal, and I’ll regret it otherwise. Thoughts, mamas? Any great deals I should know about? Porter needs new clothes, too, since he’s about a hundred times bigger than Spencer was and in the opposite season.

3. Fall Fabrics

I’m pretty obsessed with some of the fall fabrics I’m going to feature in Black River Boutique! There’s some season prints (skulls with bows, etc.), but this PSL print had me giggling, plus pie? (both prints via Spoonflower) Yes, please!

4. Piper & Scoot

^^^ image via

I mentioned in one of my last posts that I’ve recently discovered Piper & Scoot, and I just love all the things. I’ve been working on slowly revamping my wardrobe little by little, and we’re budgeting in some new clothes for a church-appropriate, mom-appropriate, chic wardrobe for me. Because I’m losing weight, it’s tricky to buy while doing so, but they have some of the greatest maxi dresses (I bought that Hanna dress above), peplum tops and swing dresses around. Color me obsessed.

5. A New Blog Design

You may have noticed my blog looks a little different lately…that’s because I needed a redesign! I wanted something cleaner, brighter and simpler for the coming months, and I wanted to be able to feature larger images without cluttering the page. I think it looks pretty great, but I’m biased…what do you think?

Happy Friday, all – I hope you have a great weekend!