life lately through the lens

Today I’m linking up with Jessi for What’s Hap-pinning Wednesday to share some of what’s new here in the Moore household! Life is busy, busy, busy lately with things moving full speed ahead in seemingly every direction. We have a big trip coming up next week to Philadelphia for my little sister’s wedding. We’ll be heading down on Thursday and coming back on Sunday, so it should be a crazy busy and crazy good time with family and friends. I’m working on her bridal shower favors and treats right now. Full disclosure, Carlisle Bakery is making the goods – I’m just DIY decorating them. Here’s some of my inspiration: 

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I recently discovered Piper & Scoot, and I absolutely love, love love their stuff! I bought two beautiful dresses and a top I’ve been lusting after, all of which I will wear for the shower. They’re both mom-appropriate and chic. Does it get better than that?!

Ryan and I recently binge-watched Stranger Things on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, or you’re on the fence, you really need to get off that fence and watch it! It’s really incredibly well done, and the fact that it’s so very 80’s makes it even better! We’re in a show hole now that we’ve finally finished both Downton Abbey and that…any recommendations? I think we should continue the Blacklist or Blindspot. 

I’ve been crazy busy working on FRG stuff, things for Black River Boutique (some fun new fall prints coming soon!) and really just soaking in the last of summer. The weather is turning today, and I can feel that crisp, cool breeze sweeping through the windows now that the air conditioning is finally off. I took the boys to the park the past two days, and Spencer braved the slide like a big boy – 10 times in a row! I was one proud mama watching my little ginger biscuit climb up and slide down all by himself. As an aside, he did fall down the stairs once, but we brushed him off, kissed the little scrape, and he was right back at it. 

I’ve been taking a lot more pictures with my nice DSLR lately, and I’m glad to be dusting it off and using it again. There’s so many moments I don’t want to miss, and while I love my trusty iPhone camera, the pictures don’t compare to the ones from my camera. Hopefully we can print some of these for some DIY wall projects soon!

What’s new with you?