10 elements of crazy

The past couple weeks have been harder than usual…probably just because of the sheer anticipating of Mountain Peak here at Fort Drum. For those wondering what it is, check out the Fort Drum Facebook page. For Army Aviation, it’s a massive air assault training/combined training exercise (CTE) for all the soldiers on the airfield. It’s designed to simulate the stress of deployment, and for the spouse’s part, I think it pretty much does. 

^^^ doggy play dates and spencer’s happy place

Two kids under two years old is no joke, people! The top ten highlights of the craziness are as follows:

1 // Porter developed the world’s worst rash this weekend. I didn’t know little boys could get yeast infections…now I do.

2 // Danny has had a few little slip-ups, and she’s still super nervous. I can only imagine the hell she went through before finding home here. She needs routine doggy playdates, too.

3 // The weather is bipolar. Last week it was in the 50’s. Today it’s supposed to reach 76.

4 // Spencer now goes poo on the potty, but you have to read his signs. He tells us without telling us…namely by whining. Try to differentiate toddler whines from toddler poopy whines.

5 // If you forget your husband has unhooked the air conditioning vent from the window (they’re portable because it’s an old house) and you run it, the room will overheat drastically.

6 // Babies will poop in towels if left unattended for more than two minutes to grab more diapers.

7 // It is entirely possible to go to Target for diaper remedies and leave with $200+ worth of stuff. (Sorry, Ryan!)

8 // Sometimes eating comes second, and by the time you realize you haven’t eaten, it’s 7:45, the kids are asleep, and you don’t want to cook…so you make popcorn and eat ice cream.

9 // Sidebar…eating ice cream and popcorn will not make you feel better about anything in the long run. Weight Watchers commenced again yesterday.

10 // All the crazy is worth it. Even my own.

On the plus side of all of this is that the bad luck we seemed to be experiencing turned. In one week, my toddler painted with poop, my laptop died, our garage door broke and our freezer/fridge was on the fritz. I cleaned the room, my laptop was repaired for less than anticipated, our garage door was fixed, and our freezer repaired itself. So, despite seriously melting down then, I’m feeling moderately more sane.

That doesn’t mean I’m not ready for Ryan to come home from CTE 🙂