five on a much-needed friday

I’ve never been more excited for a Friday in my whole life. Friends, it’s been a week. Truly and honestly, this week has tested me in every single way possible. I sound like such a mopey person when I say that, but truly, everything has been very overwhelming this week. I’m prone to anxiety and depression, and all those waves of emotion flooded me in every way possible this week. I’m so grateful for all your sweet words and encouragement on my last post though. Today, I’m linking up with A. Liz Adventures and Meet @ the Barre.


I’m thrilled to have a Friday and a four-day weekend with Ryan, and I’m really working to turn my perspective on this trying season around. So, in the spirit of keeping myself sane and remembering the good, rather than the crazy, I’m posting five things that are making me happy and keeping me going this week.


1. From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay – This song brought me to tears this week reminding me that, yes, there are going to be some really, really hard weeks, but we’re in this together. Through it all.




2. This Boy – Spencer is such a toddler these days, and it seems like he’s going full speed ahead 99% of the time. That other 1% though is reserved for sweet moments with mama, and when he takes the time to stop and give me a hug, you’d better believe I cherish it.



3. Danny-Dog – I’m such a contradictory person. Danny is simultaneously the sweetest and most annoying little blessing in our lives right now. She’s wonderful. She has the absolute best disposition, and I’m so glad we have her. I’ve found myself frustrated by the love she’s needed from me, as well as the reassurance, but I’m reminding myself that sweet animals return that love tenfold.


4. Crap TV – Ryan’s schedule has been garbage lately, and while it’s been awful missing him and knowing how hard he’s working, I’ve been getting some really good TV binges in. Up now? The Originals. Up next? The Returned.

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5. DIY Halloween Decor – I’m ambitious, but I’d like to tackle some Halloween decor for our front door this year. There’s something about it that just feeds that creative need I have. I’m thinking along the lines simple, clean and chic.

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’re heading to Potsdam for a hockey game with some friends this weekend, so here’s hoping for some fun and relaxation.