christmas 2016

Can you believe that Christmas has already come and gone? It feels like the whole season was just rushed all the way through, but we had the most perfect day, so I can’t complain. Spencer, at two years old, doesn’t really comprehend Santa, but he has started to understand the magic of the day – the presents, the scripture reading, the family time – the lot of it. The magic has become so real again with a little boy in the house.





Ryan and I decided that we gifted each other enough things prior to Christmas, so we just did stockings for each other. We bought a new dining table, entry bench, and I got a phone for him last week, so those were the big items. We gifted little things like running shirts, nail gift cards(!!!), planners and more to keep going through the new year.


We’ve been pretty awful at budgeting lately, too, so we really wanted to try and reign in the mindless expenses. Christmas is about the spirit of the season, and our kids, rather than those big ticket items we’d all love to have. My boys were so happy with their new toys, and they just loved unwrapping the presents with Daddy, spending time with friends and having dinner with Nana Jo and Grandpa Mike (the best neighbors ever).


I feel like I should also do a post about our Christmas cards because up until about 2 weeks ago, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to do any. I wanted to have family pictures done, but our photographer flaked, and then we just ran out of time. We decided that the boys were the most important part of the card though, so I staged a little photoshoot, snagged a few gems, headed over to vistaprint and ordered some cards – expedited!


That last picture above is the winning shot, and I’m so glad I staged the little shoot. Spencer had a blast, Porter tolerated it, and we got our cards out – just in the nick of time!


I truly hope all your Christmases were as blessed as ours. We’re heading to NH this coming weekend to do our family Christmas, so we get to celebrate again, and I can’t wait. It’s like two Christmases rolled into one great year. Now it’s onto resolutions….