goal-getter: december

I wanted to put my goals down again because they actually lingered in my mind in November, so I guess that’s progress! I also want to take a look back at those November goals, see how did, and see how I can get better going forward. In November, I committed to do the following

1. Lose 3 lbs – I did this – healthily! 🙂

2. Finish the DIY shoe rack – fail

3. Run 14 times – fail – but I did run 10 times, which was better than October

4. Get Ryan to do a blog again – I asked him…does that count?

5. Plan Spencer’s 2nd birthday party – I did this! We celebrated yesterday, and I’ll recap soon.

6. Schedule our temple sealing – We did this! We were sealed on Saturday, December 3rd in the Palmyra NY temple.


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So, looking back, I think I accomplished the big things last month! Now it’s onto the December goals:


1. Lose 4 lbs – I’m doing weight watchers weekly, and it feels great to have the accountability! I’m by no means fat, but I’m doing this for fitness, to show my boys the value of really taking care of oneself. No more junk food…preparation is key.


2. Finish the DIY shoe rack – Maybe December is the month?! I really want it done before the real snow comes because it will be such a lifesaver when we’re putting wet, soggy shoes away.


3. Run 14 times and make 1.5 miles my short run – I think it’s time I retired the “one for time” bit that I’ve been resting on lately. I can make time for a 1.5 mile run, and I did it today in the freezing cold. It’s time to get my act together and start loving running again! I did enter a lottery for a race, so I’ll know soon if I got in…if I did, I’ll share!


4. DIY Christmas presents – I really want to do some DIY gifts this year. I’ve done a few before like this glitter state for my brother-in-law’s sister, and I’d love to have some on hand for friends and neighbors.


5. Get our family photos – Le sigh. We have them scheduled for Saturday, so we’ll see if they actually happen?! If they do, we’ll finally have pictures for very last minute Christmas cards!


6. Create a deployment wall – Spencer is just old enough to understand that Daddy is leaving for a long time, and I want to make something that offers both of us a visual reminder of his return. I think it will help!


Do you guys write goals down on or off the blog? Do you think that it helps you?