real life


Real life lately is a little bit crazy, a lot hectic and a whole lot of special. My normal has so vastly changed since having Spencer and Porter that sometimes it makes my head spin. I was sitting down to reflect on what life is like now vs. then, and I realized that real life isn’t bad…it’s just different. Life has always had its challenges. Now, they’re just more pronounced.


// Real life is waking up at 5:30 to get some work done before getting the boys up for the day, sitting in bed with the dog and waiting for the wifi to reach the upstairs of our house. Truth.


// Real life is walking the dog in subzero temperatures with two little boys – one strapped to my chest, the other bundled in his snowsuit, driving his birthday convertible.


// Real life is finding 30 minutes to squeeze in a proper workout and making eggs qualify as a breakfast and a lunch.


// Real life is wishing there were actually 30+ hours in a day, if only to get things done.


// Real life is losing your military ID. Twice. (Luckily the people are very understanding, and I needed a new ID for Ryan’s new rank this time anyway).


// Real life is wondering if there’s actually such a thing as peeing with the door closed. Or privacy. Or a bubble bath before 10 PM.


// Real life is discussing baby poo with everyone you meet and trying to figure out why your son hasn’t pooped in 11 days.


// Real life is diapers, wipes, formula, goat’s milk, bibs, messes, spitup, toys on the floor, fingerprints on the wall, skinned knees, tripping over stairs and toddler meltdowns.


// Real life is utter chaos, but it’s perfect and fulfilling.


Challenge accepted. 🙂