today you are two

Dear Spencer,

I’m writing this on the eve of your second birthday, and though I promised myself I wouldn’t get at all teary when I wrote this out, I find that I’m tearing up. Two years ago, you blessed both me and your daddy by coming into this world screaming and making your presence known.

Since that day, it’s been an adventure with you…a whirlwind that I look back on both in awe and amazement, love and happiness. You, my sweet boy, are my world. You’re my firstborn; my baby boy. You made me a mama, and for that I am forever grateful.

At two years old, you’re strong-willed and fiercely independent. You have a fiery ambitious streak that I both love and envy because I am certain you will go places with that spirit. You know what you want, and you’re determined to get it. You’re goofy, funny, sweet, silly, kind and absolutely ridiculous. You indulge your mama’s every whim, and you are a charming little man – destined to be a heartbreaker. You always kiss your mama goodnight, you meow at the kitties, and you dutifully hold the bottle for your bother.

Baby boy, on your second birthday, I want you to know that my wish for you is everything. I want you to have it all – love, happiness, friendship, family, adventure. I want you to experience the good and the bad because it’s through the hard times that we learn just how strong we are, and you, my little man, are a warrior. No matter what curveballs life may throw you, know that Mama and Daddy are always here, standing right beside you – your strongest advocates.

Today is all for you, Spencer Bruce, and I hope it’s the perfect day.

All the love in the world, my baby boy,