It was a beautiful weekend here in northern NY! As always, it seems like our weekends are absurdly fast though, and we never really have a moment to spare. We got a lot done though, and that’s what’s most important right now. First things first, we savored the beautiful snow, and we remembered why we decided Drum was the right station for us, at least for now.





Then it was full-speed ahead. Ryan’s unit ball was on Friday night, and we had so much fun! I was really worried about what to wear for a while, but I settled on a black ball skirt, and I sewed a lacy top on and made it a dress. It was a bit tighter than I’d anticipated, but I loved it, and I got a lot of compliments. I made the whole thing for less than $50, so I decided to get my hair done, and called it a night.


On Saturday, after enjoying the snow, I took the boys to the Sensory Nook in Watertown, and they had a blast. It’s Montessori-based, so the kiddos can basically do whatever they want. They’re allowed to play entirely hands-on, and there is everything from a water table, to a balance beam, guitar and beyond.


After nap time, we got our Christmas tree, decorated it once the boys went to bed and called it a night. It was a fun, very productive and busy day.






It was basically a perfect weekend. Busy, hectic, crazy, maddening, hilarious – all of it – because I got to spend it with my favorite people. I also managed to do the boys’ Christmas photos on Sunday, so I can’t wait to show how that went. I’ll be sharing those pictures, along with our finished Christmas cards, this week. I’m pretty proud.


I hope all your weekends were as wonderful and productive as ours! Here’s to the last couple weeks before Christmas!