…according to instagram

I’ve been meaning to post a lot of things lately, but I’m soaking up the last few weeks before Ryan deploys. Nevertheless, my photo haul continues to grow, so I figured I’d show, rather than tell, a little of our lives lately.  We’ve been spending many days snowed in, and when we’re not snowed in, our days are busy with packing, running, trips to the Sensory Nook and cramming in quality family time.


I’ve been doing pretty well with my running, and I’m excited to keep it up! Danny has turned out to be literally the perfect running buddy, and she does better running with me than she does simply walking on a leash. Let’s just call it the best of both worlds. Porter is now 7 months old (what?!?!), and Spencer is talking up a storm, so things are crazier than ever as Ryan prepares to head off around the world. Life is oh-so sweet.


I promise you a better post soon, but for now, here’s our life lately…according to instagram