goal-getter: january

I think it is becoming a monthly tradition to put my goals down and recap my progress from the month before. I’ve found that it really holds me accountable, and I need that. So, first, I’m taking a look back at my December goals:


1. Lose 4 lbs – Fail, but I’m feeling confident now. Come on, does anyone honestly lose the weight over the holidays? We have DietBet to win now though, so it’s on!

2. Finish the DIY shoe rack – Fail. Yikes.

3. Run 14 times and make 1.5 miles my short run – Half fail. 1.5 miles was my shortest run, but I only ran 10 times in December.

4. DIY Christmas presents – Uhhh fail.

5. Get our family photos – Fail. Mostly the photographer’s fault because she forgot?

6. Create a deployment wall – This is in the works!



Looking back, December was a wash, but I’m pretty confident for my January goals!


1. Keep up with marathon training – My first month of marathon training consists of 5 x 30-minute runs a week. Right now, that puts me about 15 miles a week, since I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes right now. I have a long way to go, but I think I can do this! Chicago Marathon will come quickly if I don’t.


2. Finish the DIY shoe rack – I really don’t have much left to do, so I just need to suck it up and finish it already!


3. Finish the deployment wall – I can’t announce when Ryan’s leaving due to OPSEC rules, but it’s soon, and I want to be prepared for explaining to Spencer why Daddy’s still at work for all that time. It will be hard, but I think this will help both of us.


4. Stop spending on clothes – Here’s the thing…I’m in the process of losing weight, and buying clothes at this weight won’t do me any good when they don’t fit anymore. Instead, I’m going to commit to putting that money towards my shop in the meantime.


5. Take more pictures with the DSLR – I’ve been working on this a lot lately, and I think I’m going to do so even more as Ryan deploys. I need quality shots for some projects for Daddy overseas!


What are your goals for January? Did you make resolutions? I’d love to help motivate you, too!