5 on friday: faux spring edition

I wrote in my last post that I thought we were finally turning a corner. And we were. Then Spencer vommed a couple nights ago, and I discovered I have walking pneumonia. BUT we’re on the mend, and I can finally say that I’m starting to feel a little better. I’m working hard to take care of myself and remind myself that it’s okay to ask for help. Plus, NNY has been throwing spring-like weather at us as a fake-out, and we’ve been soaking it all up! Without further ado, here are my five exciting things on Friday…the faux-spring edition.

1. I had a really good run (finally) the other day, and managed a good 4.75 miles. I felt strong – a little winded – but strong, and I loved being able to run by the Black River and see the falls roaring as the snow melted in the warm sun!

2. While the warm weather lasts, we’ve been taking every opportunity to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Spencer is really loving his bicycle from Oma and Opa more than ever, and I just love his goofy personality. Also, wearing Porter is the best. I sure do love my stage-5 clinger.

3. Danny is slowly but surely getting better! I’m no longer using a sling to walk her, and we usually do four laps of the yard throughout the day. It doesn’t seem like much for our gazelle dog, but she’s going to need a lot of time to heal and let her hip, especially recover. Furthermore, our second opinion on her femur repair said that the plate is a lot smaller than the one he would have used. He said to make sure that she’s very calm and not active for at least 6 weeks to ensure it doesn’t slip. Crossing our fingers she behaves!

4. We’re going for another hike tomorrow. It’s supposed to have a decent chance of rain all day, but with 60 degree weather, none of us want to stay indoors. If the weather somewhat cooperates, we’ll be doing Pixley Falls…can’t wait to share photos!

5. I’ve officially lost over 10 lbs with The Babe Campaign and Isagenix! I can’t wait to share my results at 30 days because I feel amazing. Nutritional rebalancing was an investment, but more than a monetary investment, it was an investment in myself and my future. It mortified me to share this on instagram the other day, but I wanted to post it to remind myself where I started…and that I’ve had two babies with this body. Time to give it some TLC 🙂

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