weekending: deployment weekend one

As I’m sure you’ve seen, we’ve started our deployment. Ryan left a few days ago, and we’ve been blessed to be able to hear from him a few times thus far. He’s doing well – exhausted, but well – and he’s reached his initial destination, where he’ll be for the next few months. He will transfer elsewhere in the middle of the deployment, and communications will be a little more difficult, but we’re grateful for this transition.


My mother arrived Friday night, and she’s been an absolute saint. I don’t think it’s truly hit me yet that he’s gone, but I’m thankful for a bit of a quieter transition. I think I need this support for the first week.


This past weekend was hard, but we made sure to stay busy! We met our friend Mareike for lunch with her daughter, Marie, on Saturday, ran errands and had a yummy cheat meal so I could eat my feelings. Yesterday, it decided to snow again for the second day in a row, and we took the boys to the Y to swim. For the record, the pools here in Watertown/Fort Drum suck. They’re never open, and if they are, they’re terrible, but beggars can’t be choosers, and my boys don’t know any better!




It was Porter’s first time in the pool, and he was content as can be. Spencer, of course, loved the water as usual, and he’s absolutely fearless. He doesn’t mind being dunked, and he clearly needs swim lessons soon!


While I’m nervous about being alone this deployment, I’m determined to make the absolute best of it. I have 9 months to conquer my fears, reach my goals and bond with my boys more than ever before. Here’s hoping spring starts soon so we can start our adventures, too.


For the record, I’m going to be using this blog like a journal through the deployment, so while some of it might seem mundane…that’s real life, right? Good or bad, this is our journey together, and I want Ryan to be able to read this like he’s a part of it – because he is – whether the Army lets him be here or not. So, let’s rock this. One weekend down!