a current run calendar

I’ve been working on scheduling out my runs for the rest of the year so I have things to train for, and I knew I really needed to buckle down if I want to see some real progress. So, since work was slow this morning, I decided to plan some things out and get moving. Right now, here’s where I stand:

April 30NJ Marathon & Half Marathon – I’m doing the half
May 21 – Thompson Park 5k
May 28 – Chaumont, NY 12k
June 11Lake Placid Marathon & Half Marathon – I’m doing the half
August 2718.12 Challenge
October 8Chicago Marathon 

I’m hoping to add a few more races into the mix, including some swims, but I’m not sure where. I thought about doing the Lake George swim again, but it’s the day before 18.12, and I’m not sure that’s the best thing to do back-to-back. You’ll notice there’s a gap in races right now for July and September. I haven’t found the right races yet, and I’m hoping to find a swim to fill in those months, so fingers crossed?

In other news, but somewhat related, I came across this beauty on Craigslist the other day when I was looking for a double jogger. I didn’t want a traditional jogger, and I really wanted something that could work with bikes down the road, too. The couple selling with this purchased for $550, and sold it to me for $200. It’s in great condition, and it’s clearly kid-approved, so we’ll see just how much they’re willing to tolerate when I attempt my first long run with two littles this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Mamas who run distance with their littles…any advice? The longest I ever did with Spence was 5 miles, and it was the worst. Granted, he was a lot younger, but I’m still scarred 🙂