getting away

I made the decision last week that I’m going to leave town for a couple weeks starting this coming weekend. I have the NJ Half Marathon at the end of April, and my family will be celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday in South Carolina the last week of April before the half. Because I don’t have daycare for Porter until May, I decided it would be smart to head to NH to spend some time with the family and go into the office a couple days, so we’ll be leaving on the 15th.


Confession: I’m totally terrified of driving 8 hours alone with my kids. So, mamas (or daddies…), if you have any advice at all, please start dishing it out!


We did get some great news on Friday. Porter’s new daycare has a spot for Spencer, too! Both boys will be starting there full-time on May 2nd. It’s about double the price, but having struggled with proper daycare since we moved to NY, we figured it was time to buckle down and do it. If I want to keep my job and be able to train properly, I have to have the time to dedicate to doing so.


And what, you ask, am I training for? Besides my current running calendar, I’ve decided with Ryan to set my sights on the 20 Bridges Swim next summer before we PCS. It’s the longest marathon open water swim in the world, and it is carried out in 7 stages over the span of a week. In the coming weeks, I’m going to buckle down with a proper game plan, training regimen and really commit to it. I’ll be doing it to raise money for a wonderful cause, so I’ll detail more on that soon!




Life is crazy, but I’m committing to a healthier, happier me. I’m committing to a wonderful summer with my crazy little men, and we’ve been making the best of the warmer weather lately with trips to the zoo, the park and more. It’s a sweet springtime, but somewhat bittersweet without Ryan. Here’s to the ticking days, the summer sun and many good memories ahead.