spring clean

Well, we all officially made it to New Hampshire alive on Saturday evening. It took us about 8.5 hours from northern NY, but all things considered, it wasn’t the absolute worst thing I’ve ever experienced. It was hard, don’t get me wrong, but it could’ve been worse. The hardest part was the fact that neither Spencer or Porter really took a proper nap, and managing two kids and a broken dog at our two rest stops was quite the ordeal. BUT, it’s over, and it’s done!

I managed to get my long run in on Sunday, and doing all the hills around my parents’ house was about as difficult as I’d expected it to be. I got in over 7 miles though, and I’m pretty proud that I’ve actually stuck to this training plan, all the while staying committed to The Babe Campaign, as well.

I’m seeing huge gains (and losses), and they’re very encouraging. I’m down nearly 20 lbs since Ryan deployed, my speed work has vastly improved, and my energy levels are a lot better – even with a teething 10 month old and a trying 2 year old. While I was running in the warm sun on Sunday, I consciously thanked God for giving me this body and allowing me to really use it to accomplish my goals. It may sound silly, but even when I see my flaws, I realize that I am so, so blessed. 

I decided to participate in Spring Clean 30 with The Babe Campaign, and I’m really excited to kick my goals into high gear now. I have quite a bit more weight to lose in the coming months, and I have a bunch of races coming up. If you’re interested in seeing a bit more of what we’re going to be doing this month to accomplish ALL THE GOALS this month, check out the hashtag on Instagram: #springclean30 🙂 

As for now, I’m in the office today and tomorrow, then I’m headed back to my boys and my parents, and we leave on Friday for South Carolina! I’m looking forward to this little break to really rest, relax and revive. I just wish Ryan was here to enjoy it with us.