Hello, Monday! The deployment trolls are at it again – hard – today. My sweet cleaning lady and friend, Patricia, was helping me clean the kitchen this afternoon when we heard a noise from the basement. Frankly, I heard the noise and wrote it off as the humidifier. She heard the noise and investigated…and felt heat coming from the basement. So, I went down to check…

The hot water pipe was leaking. Frankly, it was spraying water. My first thought was that I had to turn it off. I turned the valve and it snapped off in my hands, water pouring all over. I called my neighbor, Mike, who is like a father to me, and he told me where the backup valve was and directed me on how to shut it off completely. There was already about 4 inches of water on the ground and hundreds of items underwater – uniforms, garments, shoes, baby stuff – all of it.

Without hesitation, Mike was over with a shop vac, and we were pulling things out of the basement, cleaning up, getting stuff off the floor and setting up dehumidifiers. Honestly, a weight was lifted off my chest.

In a time of so much uncertainty and crazy with this deployment, we are so truly blessed. First off, this didn’t happen while I was out of town. Can you imagine the damage that would have happened otherwise? Second, we have friends who care so deeply about us that they drop everything and run to help us with no notice at all. And third, we already have hot water again. 

Some days I feel crazed and anxious and stressed, but at the end of the day, out support system is unparalleled. It’s all in how you look at it, friends. If you see the bad, you’ll feel bad. If you choose to see the good, that’s all you’ll see. My cup runneth over, and I choose to only see the good.