south carolina dreaming

We got back to NY yesterday evening after a whirlwind two weeks of traveling. We first went to NH for a week, and I managed to get into the office in Boston for a couple days, then we headed down to our beach rental in Litchfield, South Carolina, for a week. It was both boys’ first time at the beach, and I’ve been going there since I was about 3 years old, so it was like a vacation come full circle. We celebrated my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday and really just decompressed for a few days…it was perfect.









My sisters and brothers-in-law were each able to come down for 3-4 days each, as well, and the boys really had a blast soaking in some family time. For Spencer, especially, it was a perfect opportunity to really connect with a sort of dad figure while Ryan is deployed. It’s been really hard on him lately, and I think it helped him to have both Josh and Adam around as that male influence in his life. Opa obviously helped, as well, but both Uncles really kept him busy and entertained, and tortured him with silly sand holes and the like, just like any good Uncles should.


The travels with the boys were taxing, but they were so worth it. When we left South Carolina this past Saturday, we drove to NJ for my first half marathon of the year. It was a hard trip, and the race definitely wasn’t my best (more on that later), but I’m glad we did it! We left immediately after the race and headed back up to my parent’s house in NH to get Danny. We spent the night there Sunday, then we drove yesterday back to NY…it was long, but it was so good to get home!


Now, we’re starting a brand new chapter here in NY! Both boys started at their new daycare today, and we’re really excited. It’s been a LONG journey to get to this daycare, but we have high hopes for it. But for now, my heart remains on the beach in South Carolina…good food, fantastic family times and so many beachy memories.