the good stuff

The warmer weather has finally graced Northern NY with its presence, and I couldn’t be happier. Literally every day we can, we’ve been outside. Whether it’s a trip to the zoo, trips to Old Macdonald’s Farm, Alexandria Bay or just FRG events at the Blizzard Barn, we’re on the move. I’ve been meaning to post every single day, but as we force ourselves to find our normal this spring and summer, the here and now has been so much more important to me than simple words on a page. 

Two weekends ago, we finally went to Old Macdonald’s Farm in Sackets Harbor. I wanted to take Spencer last year, but I didn’t think he’d really be old enough to appreciate it. This spring though, he loves it. The farm is great. The kids can feed the goats, go in the pens and pet/play with them, feed the cows, take a hayride, pet the bunnies and so much more. He literally had the time of his life.

This past weekend, we were busy over the three days. On Saturday, I started with a really long run in the morning, and we did a little trip to the Thompson Park Zoo later in the morning. We bit the bullet and bought a yearly zoo membership for $65, which was far better than $10 a visit because we go so often. Plus, with all indigenous animals, I feel like we’re supporting a really good cause. Later in the day, we did a trip with the FRG to the Blizzard Barn, and Spencer had some yummy ice cream. Porter had sherbet because, well, he’s allergic to the world 🙂

Sunday morning was spent at Alexandria Bay, where the kids got to play in the sand, dip their toes in the frigid water and play at the park. Lots of sunshine was worth the 30-minute drive, and the kids both crashed hard for naptime, which meant that mama got a well-deserved nap, too.

Despite the fast the Murphy’s Law seems to really be fond of the Moore household since Ryan deployed, life is good – and getting better. With warmer weather, my boys and I are taking advantage of what may very well be our last summer here in NY. Plus, I’m busying myself with home-improvement projects that desperately need to be detailed on the blog. I’ll be doing so in the coming days.