one year of porter dean

Dear Porter Dean,

Today you are ONE year old! You have no idea how much you’ve transformed our little family in just one year of your life. You are funny, silly, quirky, and you are possibly the most adorable little towhead around. 

You think your brother is the funniest, and he just loves to make you giggle, in turn. Baby boy, thank you for teaching so much in this first year of your life. Thank you for teaching me to advocate for you when my mama heart tells me something is wrong but the doctors just can’t find it. Thank you for teaching me to be flexible and patient whilst balancing two little personalities. Thank you for teaching me that I can love another little boy just as much as his brother.

And, above all else, thank you for showing your daddy so much love – even while he’s deployed and thousands of miles away from you.

Little man, we love you so, so much (especially that one tooth of yours), and it’s okay if you want to wait a while to walk. We love it when you cruise around and crawl like a little spider-monkey. We love that, while you’re in the 0 percentile for weight, you eat anything and everything you can get your hands on. We love your snuggles and your silly little kisses, and we can’t imagine a life withouy you.

Today is all for you, sweet boy.